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I was sailing from Greece to Italy this past October when he messaged:

"Halloween's happening in Ibiza. COME."

One thing I've learned in my travels:

when your chic Parisienne friends tell you to come, you go.

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Ibiza House Rental Guide

The winding dirt road just a few kilometres from old town led us to the little white jewel that would soon feel like home - Villa Schillinger

In 1962, gallery owner Emilio Schillinger commissioned renowned Bauhaus architect Erwin Broner to design the property.

"Good line's, no?"

remarked the owner (and the aforementioned stylish Parisienne) as we settled in. 


unfolding in a series of sleek frames, the house is indeed a poem of mid-century modern lines, highlighting the lush green and pink-flecked flora of the surrounding area.


Complementing the architecture are modern statement furniture pieces, many from the owners own company UBER-MODERN. Accents of saturated blues and yellow complement the home's white and terracotta palette and create a balance of warm atmosphere and cool vibes.

Mid-Century Modern IBIZA

It was a little late in the season to make good use of the temptingly turquoise plunge-pool, but we made up for it with slow, groovy evenings by the wood-burning fire.

we made sure to turn the volume up on some lush house music those nights... This is IBiZa, after all. 

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