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Yvoire, France


if you're anything like me, When you think of Switzerland, you’ll probably start to fantasize about alpine air, chocolate by the kilo, and pot after pot of hot, gooey, cheese fondue.

I’m here to tell you, your fantasies are a reality. 

Nestled between it’s three influencers - Italy, Germany, and France - Switzerland is idyllic, picturesque and the perfect place to indulge in the finest things man has on offer.

Guided by a dear, Swiss friend, I was privy to some truly spectacular vistas during my visit and we used all of them to enjoy a list of culinary delights. 

Here are a few highlights from my al fresco adventures in this stunning country.

After cruising through green & golden countryside, weaving up narrow forested roads, we reached a gorgeous destination: I'Isle. We strolled through paddocks, said hi to a a few cute donkeys and made our way up to the hill crest to meet a stunning panorama view. painted on the horizon were the white tips of the Southern Alps and the blue waters of Lake Geneva & Lake Neuchâtel. What better place to pop some bubbly? After sipping ourselves into brut bliss, we wandered back down the hillside to the exceedingly charming Buvette De Chatel for a pot of their renowned fondue, courtesy of the cows roaming free just outside the door. This special dish is as simple as it gets: gruyere & emmenthaler cheese, a touch of garlic, kirsch, and white wine, Served with nothing but a mound of crusty white bread. I'm convinced this is what heaven tastes like. 

another day we Set sail for France. Just across the Swiss shores of Lake Geneva are the shores of neighbouring France. we Hopped on a ferry in Lausanne and head to the tiny seaside village of Yvoire. A romantic step back in time, Yvoire is a pristine, picture-perfect collection of artisan shops and restaurants that could charm the pants off anyone. we nabbed some sweet, hand-made confections at a local chocolatier,  before tucking into a café table near the water's edge and enjoy a bottle of crisp local rosé. There's no better way to appreciate the setting. (Note: This little day trip can run pricey. For tips on making the most of your budget abroad, check out my guest post on GoEuro)

for my point of view, switzerland is done best outdoors with something delicious in reach. enjoy it all, my friends. 

h. x

Switzerland, Romandy - A Pilot's Daughter
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