Swiss Miss - Delightful Days Amid Switzerland’s Stunning Landscape


When you think of Switzerland, you’ll undoubtably start to fantasize about fresh alpine air rolling off snow-capped peaks, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, and rich, gooey, cheese fondue. I’m here to tell you, your fantasies are a reality. 

Nestled between it’s three influencers - Italy, Germany, and France - Switzerland is an idyllic, picturesque getaway for all manner of travelers. Perhaps what makes Switzerland so special is that from the triumphant Alps to the shores of Lake Geneva, and everywhere in between, you can always find an incredible spot from which to admire nature’s real splendor.

Guided by a dear, Swiss friend, I was privy to some truly spectacular vistas during my visit. Here are a few highlights from my al fresco adventures in this stunning country.

Switzerland, Romandy - A Pilot's Daughter

Yvoire, France

  • Fizz and fondue in the hills! After cruising through the green & golden countryside and weaving up narrow forested roads, we reached our gorgeous destination - I'Isle . We grabbed our backpacks and strolled through the paddocks and up to the hill crest where a stunning panorama revealed itself to us - painted on the horizon were the white tips of the Southern Alps and the blue waters of Lake Geneva & Lake Neuchâtel. What better place to pop some bubbly?! After sipping ourselves into brut bliss, we wandered back down the hillside to the exceedingly charming Buvette De Chatel for some of their renowned fondue - courtesy of the cows roaming free just outside the door. This special dish is as simple as it gets - a pot of warm, gooey, gruyere & emmenthaler cheese, flavored with a touch of garlic, kirsch, and white wine. Served with nothing but a mound of crusty white bread, the fondue is trusted to be the one and only star in this meal. And what a star it is. Make sure to give the cows a hug on your way out - they earned it!
  • Set sail for France! Just across the Swiss shores of Lake Geneva are the shores of neighbouring France! Hop on a ferry in Lausanne and head to the tiny seaside village of Yvoire. A romantic step back in time, Yvoire is a pristine, picture-perfect collection of artisan shops and restaurants that could charm the pants off any visitor. Pick up some sweet, hand-made confections at a local chocolatier, or a fab new hat from Chapeaux à Gogo. Most importantly, make sure to tuck into a café table near the water's edge and enjoy a crisp glass of local rosé. There's no better way to appreciate the setting. (Note: This little day trip can run pricey. For tips on making the most of your budget abroad, check out my guest post on GoEuro!)
  • Get into Olympic spirit with a run in the park. Lausanne is the official capital of the Olympic Games, so why not lace up and go break a sweat! One of my favorite ways to check out any new city is by putting on some good tunes and getting lost on a run around town. Lausanne, is home to a number of beautiful parks and the harder you work to climb the hills, the more you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of the city below! x

*Click the photo below to admire some more snapshots of beautiful Switzerland!

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