Party Of 1: Reasons You'll Never Regret Going It Alone

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You might doubt your independence. You might be fearful about stepping out into a foreign landscape all by your lonesome. You might dred lying in a strange bed, alone, on the other side of the planet. Well, get over it. I can’t baby you through this one. It’s gonna be lonely and there might even be a few brief moments of pain or panic, but my friends, it’s all so crazy worth it. I promise.

Here are just a few reasons why travelling solo will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Or at least a pretty damn good one.

No such thing as compromise. 

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When you’re travelling alone, there’s no asking someone else what they feel like doing that day. There’s no one else’s agenda to consider. The only moods and whims you’re subject to are your own. Each day is yours to sculpt, discover, and enjoy. At times, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming. The possibilities are truly endless. But it’s certainly better to be spoiled with choice, than restrained or frustrated by someone else’s foibles. Being able to wake up and decide exactly what it is that YOU want to do with your time is a freedom that some individuals are never privilege to. Revel in it!

Time to get to know numero uno.

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Embarking on a solo adventure is like hopping on the express train to your authentic self. Being forced to make so many decisions for you, and you alone, gives you an honest insight into what it is that really drives you. With no outside factors involved, your real priorities and interests surface. Often, you’ll surprise yourself. You might actually be someone who loves long walks on the beach! And you might actually be someone who doesn’t. Navigating through our daily lives, we have a tendency to put on labels and file ourselves away into certain categories and folders. When granted the opportunity, and with nobody watching, your authentic self has an incredible chance to emerge. What a gift.

Meeting the ones.

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There are 7 billion people on this planet right now. That means  7 billion chances for you to meet a friend, a mentor, a muse, a lover, a brother, maybe even a soul mate… The people you will come to know on your travels not only have the ability to impact your journey, but your life entirely. Sometimes in truly staggering ways. EVERYONE has a story worth sharing, if you allow them to share it. You’ll never enjoy the gifts someone can offer you if you’re not open to receiving them in the first place. Pardon the sugary expressions here, but if you can keep your heart open, your adventure and the people you meet along the way can truly lift you to places you’ve never dreamed of reaching.

Learning to love "lonely".

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At some point in your life, you’re gonna be alone. Really alone. Deeply alone. Like it or not. Today, with so many ways to be in constant connection with others, I think too many of us have become wildly uncomfortable with our own aloneness. But Mama wasn’t wrong when she said practice makes perfect. At first, navigating life on your own can seem almost grim, or depleted. But you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one. There’s so, so much to be said for solitude. It can truly become one of the great pleasures of your life. I read somewhere that the fastest way to lose a giggle was to share it with someone. It might sound a bit tart, but what I took from it is that some moments in life are truly sweetest when savored on your own. Some moments in life are so special because only we can understand them. Give yourself the opportunity to find those moments. Be that person on the subway who has a smile all for themselves. 

Waking up more awesome. 

Yup. No, but, seriously. I am so certain that there’s basically no way you can go on a solo adventure and not wake up every day a more rounded, educated, tolerant, interesting and generally more awesome human being than the last. I mean it’s kind of fool-proof. You will simply bear witness to the world and it will be impossible to remain unchanged. Your eyes will be set ablaze with curiosity, your soul will warm and bubble over, and your heart will swell with a greater understanding of it all. I promise that if you set out to see the wonders of our world, the world will end up revealing the wonders in you.

So, what – or should I say, who – are you waiting for? 

Get packing. Xx

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