6 reasons Copenhagen is cool AF

Nyhavn - A Pilot's Daughter

The second largest city in Scandanavia, Copenhagen (locally, København) is quickly becoming an "it" destination in Europe, and for good reason. The capital of Denmark is beautiful, edgy, elegant,  and laid-back, all at once.

in a nutshell, it's cool AF.

Here are six reasons why:

Coffee, Copenhagen - A Pilot's Daughter

1. The Danes themselves are cool. their dry sarcasm and affable demeanor combine to make interactions with the locals something to look forward to. warning: they will def laugh it you (with coolkid pity) when you wildly mis-pronunciation anything Danish. 

2. the Coffee tho. Rich, smooth, fu*king perfect coffee. seriously. they nailed it.  try one of Coffee Collective's locations for a life-affirming, jet-lag busting Cappuccino made by a coolkid barista. 

3. the aestheics. this city is gorgeous. from the color pop facade of Nyhavn to the city's lush and manicured parks, everything is good-looking.

4. the food tho. even the "hot dog stands" (aka pølsevogns ) are lit, serving famous juicy brats. but if can or win your way into Noma, do that too. Copenhagen's culinary landscape is truly exceptional.



5. Fashion. My visit happened to coincide with CIFF - Copenhagen's fashion week - and the already chic, in vogue Danes were showing up in top form. modern, intelligent, quality pieces rule the game here. some stunning examples can be found at local designer boutiques along Elmegade or Istedgade. 

6. Nothing is cooler than seeing an aforementioned stylish Dane riding an oh-so-stylish set of two wheels. Second only to Amsterdam, Copenhagen is the most bike-friendly city in the world. If you don't have a bike, you simply can't be cool here. or Danish. It's the main mode of transport at nearly every time of year. There are plenty of places to rent a set of wheels when you're in town, but if you plan ahead, you can borrow a functional, refurbished bike from non-profit organization copenhagenfreebikerental.org for a whopping zero kroner. That's right - for free. because is there anything cooler than just giving shit away for free? 

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Bikes, Copenhagen - A Pilot's Daughter