A Love Letter

How could I tell you what you mean to me...  How can I thank you for your love..?

June 17th, 2014 - My farewell kiss...

Finding a way to articulate what New York is to me - what it means to me and it's given me - is a task I doubt I'll ever be equipped to undertake. I would love to somehow poetically communicate the significance of being able to call the city home these past four years, but I don't even think I know the full measure of that significance yet myself...I mean, it's not the greatest city in the world for nothing...

A Bucket List.

New York City is the place that inspired the great dreams of my life.

It not only inspired them, but grew them, shattered them, and then entrusted me with new ones. This is the place that taught me what it meant to be patient and how much I was willing to persevere. It taught me how to be an individual and the real power of the collective. It's shown me how I want to love and when I need to protect. It's held my hand when I've felt lonely and slapped me around when I've been lazy.

It's broke my heart, and it keeps my heart beating.

Holding On



I am in love with New York for a thousand reasons and I'll miss it for a thousand more. But perhaps what I'll miss most is the New Yorkers themselves.

It's the real home of the brave; a city comprised of millions of the most ambitious individuals on the planet. Everyone arrives with rows of dreams in their bandolier, and those who stick it out for the long-haul are the absolute real-deal. These people are truly made of stronger stuff.  

They've, understandably, had to develop some pretty serious layers of armor. So when one of them is willing to peel back and show you what lies underneath, don't blink...

"The New Yorker" (Erin Spadola Photography)

People ask me all the time, why stick around? Doesn't the city get exhausting? Doesn't it wear you down?

The answer, is yes.

Like you wouldn't believe.

This city demands you give her your entire self. And often we New Yorkers are left wondering, why do we do it?

 I think the answer lies somewhere near, "Go big, or go home.", or maybe, "No risk, no reward.". Because the truth is, if you surrender all of yourself to the tragedy and majesty of New York...if you love her not in spite of, but because of her flaws, she will reward you in ways you could have never possibly imagined.

Believe in her greatness, and she starts to reveal your own. 


To my precious New York, and even more precious New Yorkers - I miss you doesn't come close. x

I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it.
— Truman Capote