a new light.


"some pretend to be moonlight, some themselves are moon."

- ayushi goswami

we're water babies. all of us. about 60% water in these bods of ours. 

and as the moon pulls the ocean tide, so too does it pull at our being.

i've had a crush on the moon as long as I can remember. it wasn't until I culivated a little more spirituality and ceremony in my life though that I thought to spend some more time honouring her. 

this full flower moon, I found myself trine in the desert, alongside two loving, powerful women. 

it was the perfect opportunity to pay our respects. 

flower moon alter


we kept it simple. some sage, a few candles, and plenty of flowers.

we sat under the shade of a particularly lovely grapefruit tree as the moon ascended over the red rock hills into her throne of a dusty blue sky.

the moon, ever feminine, was especially so as this was the year's flower moon, so named as she now ushers in all that is to blossom; that is to be born and reborn. 

the fact that we sat as women, as feminine energy in this fertile light, made it all the more special. 

 all things are born of woman. 

astrologically speaking, this full moon ushered in a quest; an inner quest specifically. one that took us into the depths of ourselves and into a new way of being.

as I sit here writing, now back in the buzz and bustle of Hollywood, reflecting on how poignant this celestial time was, im filled with hope and gratitude... for all that is new. 

new life, new lessons, new love. 

full moon palm springs

nature, the cosmos, the sun and moon themselves are constantly giving us opportunities to start over, to get present, to begin again

which is why i felt this the perfect moment, the perfect piece of the journey to share right now, and to usher in new incarnation of a Pilot's Daughter.

for a while I've delayed, fearful that somehow starting again meant starting over.

but i get it now. 

i think she whispered it to me in the knowing voice that is her crystalline light:

let go. just start.

fearless. free. new

today, the 1st of the month - a day that can mark any first you choose - I wish both you & I both the courage to nod yes, to just allow, and to embrace all that is boundless and new. 

h. x

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