Beached In Byron Bay

 Arakwal National Park, Byron Bay

Arakwal National Park, Byron Bay

No shirt, no shoes, no worries, mate. 

Byron Bay, Sunset - A Pilot's Daughter

Near the most easterly point of Australia, on the northern coast of New South Wales, is the ever-charminng, hippie-chic surf town, known as Byron Bay.

Cavvanbah, or "the meeting place" to the local Arakwal people, Byron indeed feels very much to be a place of gathering. According to the locals, black opal beneath the surface of Byron creates a sort of magnetic energy draw in the area; perhaps the reason so many come for a weekend and stay for a decade. Or, perhaps, it's the white sand beaches, beautiful surf conditions, and dreamy, kaleidoscope sunsets... 

Helen Hayden, Plumeria, Girl, Byron Bay - A Pilot's Daughter

Living in paradise certainly has it's perks. Tagging along with my best girl and her crew, I got the inside view of daily life spent in this Aussie dreamland. And while they too have to work, clean, and generally be "responsible" human beings like the rest of us, what they seem to do a bit better is, well, enjoy life; every bit of it. Making time to catch a few waves before running errands, cracking a cold brew with your staff while you close up shop, taking the long way home for a better sunset view: all little ways that locals show their love for the life and beauty that surrounds them here in the Bay.  

After spending time here, you're forced to face the question: "What more could you want?". World-class parties and festivals, charming cafes and restaurants, a warm and welcoming community, and of course, sunshine and palm trees for days. Happiness, of course, can be found wherever you invite it. But on the beaches of Byron, it's already there waiting for you to arrive. Xx

Arakwal, Bonfire, Full Moon, Byron Bay - A Pilot's Daughter
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