Doing Right

At this moment in time, it's so evident to me that it is up to us. And that's something I can be truly grateful for this year. We have the power to do what's right. Just right where we are. And that was reason enough for me to celebrate another year here on earth.

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Embracing The Unimaginable

At what now seems like an unimaginable time, I believe our only hope is an unimaginable response.

And 3 million women and men marching together around the world, isn't a bad start.

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364 (or why I went blonde.)

Im not sure how I pulled it off, but I remember airport security confiscated my two bottles of Veuve before they unlocked (no, I'm not exaggerating) the air bridge door so that I could board the plane. I made the walk of shame all the way back to row 34 while still wearing my coconut-oil-soaked bikini.

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