Helen Hayden -  Yadin Photography

Helen Hayden - Yadin Photography

meet the daughter

Behind the typeface and lens is author and creator, HELEN HAYDEN. Indeed the daughter of an airline pilot, Helen was seemingly destined to live as a 'nouveau nomad'; a termed coined for new-age creatives, who's traded in a permanent address for a freeform journey. 

Helen's training and experience as a professional actress and filmmaker lends her a unique perspective when it comes to story-telling on a digital platform. 

Partnering with esteemed global travel & lifestyle brands, a Pilot's Daughter serves as both an curated artistic space and a trusted publication for those living an inspired life of modern adventure.  

I'm viewing the the world through the context of story and frame; as a film really. And those cinematic moments - those views that etch themselves into your memory and that feeling of being totally transported - are what I want to share on my blog. people travel to marvel and escape. it's the same reason they go to the movie theatre. i'm challenging myself to create the same kind of magic just with a digital page. 

please contact KC Talent or Amanda Rosenthal Talent for film & television inquiries and requests.

Helen's IMDB page can be found here.