Helen Hayden -  Yadin Photography

Helen Hayden - Yadin Photography


@iam Helen Hayden

born in Hong Kong to Canadian parents (one of them being the pilot in question) it seems I've always been finding myself in exotic places where I don't quite belong, but find a big sense of belonging.

a Pilot's Daughter was born in the hope of capturing some of the Grace, challanges, and personal evolution I encounter in my journeys, and sharing it with you so that it may continue to exist and serve in some new incarnation. 

when I'm not writing or capturing content for this blog and my social channels, you can hopefully find me on a set somewhere. I am a professional film & television actress by trade, and have also undertaken my first roles as a writer-director.

whether filmmaking or blogging, an audience is essential, so, from the bottom of my wandering heart, I want to thank you for your readership. the journey is only complete with you.

       all my love, H. xx